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Royal Kids Home is an organisation that strives for respectful and loving interaction with each other based on its Christian identity. Royal Kids Home offers every child safety and security, so that each child can develop and grow at their own pace. Our skilled pedagogical staff support and guide your child(ren) in their individual development processes. Royal Kids Home strives for a close relationship with parents.

Royal Kids Home respects every child’s individuality. At Royal Kids Home, all children are given the opportunity to learn through a stimulating development environment. Through play, children develop how they interact with others. Royal Kids Home offers children a safe and familiar group environment, with lots of space in which to explore. Naturally every child develops in their own way. Our care is given based on each child’s needs. In addition, we always strive for good cooperation with parents.

The pedagogical staff of Royal Kids Home support and guide the children in their individual development processes and are aware of their responsibilities and varied tasks. They treat the children lovingly, and approach them with positivity. They pay close attention to the children and teach them gratitude. We work in the context of Christian values, which contribute to a safe atmosphere within our facilities. Our working method is described in more detail in the pedagogical policy plan.

Trusted Staff

Seeing a familiar face every day is important for children to make them feel safe and at secure. That’s why we assign permanent pedagogical staff to […]

Christian Values

Everyone is welcome at Royal Kids Home! Whatever your background or philosophy, everyone is special and treated at Royal Kids Home […]

Integrated Childcare Centre

Our locations are all part of an integrated childcare centre. In short, this is an intensive collaboration between (child) care and education. […]