Chateau of Versailles

The motto at the Chateau of Versailles is quality, fun and safety for your child. We offer a stimulating environment and loving care and contribute to the personal development of your child. Each child is unique and valuable and deserves the best care and attention.

We provide expert and childcare with attention to detail. We are very much aware of the role we play in the development and education of your child. Our pedagogical staff members have a loving approach to the children.

The Chateau of Versailles forms an integrated childcare centre together with Christian primary school De Fontein and Christian primary school for special education De Balans.

2 groups nursery 0 – 4 years

  • The Castle, daycare for children from 0 – 4 years
  • The Garden House, flexible combination group for children from 0 – 13 years


1 preschool playgroup

  • The Palace, for children from 2.3 – 4 years


4 groups out-of-school childcare

Including before-school childcare

  • The Pearls, for children from 4 – 5 years
  • The Diamonds, for children from 5 – 7 years
  • The Sapphires, for children from 7 – 9 years
  • The Rubies, for children from 9 – 12 years

Chateau of Versailles
Jan de Geusrede 39
2901 CN Capelle a/d IJssel

Team Leader: Marja Pos

T: 06 – 39 69 88 03

National Childcare Register:
Nursery: 278749240
Out-of-School: 262969956

Opening Hours

Our regular opening hours are Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM.
The opening hours for flexible combination groups are from 6.30 AM to 7 PM.

GGD Inspection Report
Click here for the latest inspection report of the Nursery and Out-of-School Care facilities.

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Are your working hours irregular and are you looking for flexible childcare?

In addition to regular childcare, we have a flexible combination group for children aged 0 – 13 years. For this group, the Royal Kids Home opening hours are 6.30 AM to 7 PM. Parents who work at irregular hours often run into the problem that regular childcare does not match their working hours.

Fortunately, we provide more flexible hours if desired. Children can join based on availability. We have a maximum of 13 places. Childcare must be requested at least one month in advance.

There are different time blocks in which children can be dropped off and picked up. These time blocks ensure that the children can join during flexible, but structured, times. These fixed pick-up and drop-off times provide calmness and structure to the group.

Children can be dropped-off/picked up between 6.30 AM and 9 AM, between 12.30 PM and 13.30 PM and between 4.30 PM and 7 PM.

To give the children and the carers the opportunity to build a bond, we apply a minimum stay of 3 hours a day. For more information, please contact team leader Marja Pos at

We believe it is important that each child is given ample opportunity to feel start feeling at home with us. This will always be done in consultation with the parents.

We will take all the necessary time to get acquainted and become familiar. You can read more information about our settle-down-time procedure in our Pedagogical Policy.

At Royal Kids Home we work with several different themes (for example, autumn or ‘a trip around the world’). These themes are compiled in consultation with the primary school in which the care facility is located. The theme varies per season and adds excitement and substance to the activities that are done with the children. By regularly offering new themes, we can continuously introduce variety, innovation and creativity within the childcare facilities. As a result, the children are constantly offered new material and activities that expand their worlds. Our aim is to stimulate every single development area through activities.