Corona Precautions

On this page you will find questions and answers about how we deal with the coronavirus. We follow the advice and guidelines of the national government, the RIVM and the GGD.

Is my childcare facility open?
Recent developments surrounding the coronavirus have led to the government’s decision to (partially) reopen schools and childcare facilities from 11 May 2020. This means that, as long as you have a contract with us, your child(ren) will be able to return to the nursery, preschool playgroups and out-of-school childcare as of the 11th of May. Parents should have received an email with more information and the procedures that will apply from 11 May.

Emergency Childcare
As included in the government decision, we provide childcare for parents of children who work in critical professions. We will continue to provide these services, even after the opening on 11 May. We kindly ask parents to report to us if this applies to you. Parents in question should have already received an email about this. A message has been circulated stating that the earlier requirement of two working parents working in critical professions has been eased. This means that when one of the parents works in a critical profession and alternative childcare cannot be arranged, we can provide childcare. We must emphasise, however, that childcare must be absolutely necessary in this case.

If parents work in one of the critical professions and their child shows the symptoms below, we urgently request that they keep their child at home. This is the case when the child
– has a cold or
– is coughing or
– has a sore throat or
– has a fever (38 degrees) or
– has a combination of the above symptoms.

Where can my school-aged child go during school hours?
As of 11 May, the schools will be partially open again. How this is implemented in practice will differ per school. Do you wish to use our emergency childcare services (see above)? Then you may bring your child(ren) to us during regular out-of-school childcare hours. During school hours, these children should be sent to school. You must arrange this with the school in question. We can support you in any matters directly related to out-of-school childcare.

What is your procedure in the event of an outbreak?
In the event of an outbreak, we follow the guidelines and regulations of the national government, the RIVM and the GGD.

Will you pay back my personal contribution for childcare from the time of closure? 
Your personal contribution up to and including 28 April will be refunded by the government. If you have paid the invoice for the relevant childcare, we will refund your personal contribution. We are still waiting for further instructions from the government, including, for example, the forms required to arrange such things as refunds. We will notify you as soon as we receive more information about this. We thank thank you for your patience.

What happens if a staff member is ill?
According to the RIVM’s advice from 12 March 2020, the rules for staff members in healthcare are different. They must stay at home in case of a cold and/or cough and fever, or in case of a fever over 38 degrees. If our staff members do not have a cold or are not ill, they can be rostered to work. They will preferably work at their own location only, but it may be necessary to alternate in the coming period. We will try as much as possible to schedule familiar staff. Nevertheless, we ask your understanding for any changes due to the circumstances.

What about staff holidays?
We ask our staff not to travel to countries and areas for which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has offered ‘do not travel’ or ‘only travel when necessary’ advice. If staff members decide to travel to these areas, they must report this beforehand.

If a staff member or family member has recently been in an area that the RIVM identifies as a high-risk area, then this person must remain at home. This serves as a precaution, even if the person in question shows no symptoms.

Do you ask parents to notify you about their holiday destinations?
We alert parents through email and refer them to the websites of experts. We trust parents follow the travel advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The GGD is the institute equipped to identify sources of infectious diseases and take the necessary measures.

What precaution measures will you take?
It goes without saying that we want to prevent spreading viruses in our childcare facilities. For this reason, we have increased our hygiene methods and teach the children these habits.

  • We regularly inform all staff members at the facilities and central office about important measures regarding health and hygiene.
  • We regularly wash our hands with soap and water. And always after going to the toilet, after playing outside and before eating.
  • We dry our hands with disposable towels. When using textile towels, we refresh them every session.
  • We cough and sneeze into our elbow or into a paper tissue. We immediately dispose of the tissue after use. We also teach the children these habits.
  • We supply a healthy the indoor climate: we thoroughly ventilate the living and sleeping areas.

At Royal Kids Home we comply with the Health and Safety Policy and Health and Safety Procedure. These documents describe how we facilitate health and hygiene and in our facilities. We will once again bring these to the attention of all staff members.

Registration for Emergency Childcare (evening, weekend, night)
In Capella aan den IJssel we are responsible for emergency childcare at our Chateau of Versailles location in the evening, on weekends and at night.

Points of Contact
The points of contact at the locations are the team leaders. In addition, for any questions about this subject, please send an email to:


What is the coronavirus?
An outbreak of a new type of flu virus, the coronavirus, has been identified in the Wuhan region of China. Patients have lung problems, are short of breath and have a fever. The Netherlands has also seen numerous infections. In case of an outbreak at Royal Kids Home, we will follow the guidelines and regulations of the GGD and RIVM. The Royal Kids Home management team is in contact with the GGD.

My question is not listed
If you have a question about the coronavirus in general, please visit the website of the RIVM or call the government’s information number: 0800-1351.
If you have a question about Royal Kids Home’s measures with regard to the coronavirus, please feel free to contact the team leader of your location.

More information about the coronavirus
Website of the RIVM:

Government website: