Integrated Childcare Centres

Our branches are all part of an integrated childcare centre. In short, this is an intensive collaboration between (child) care and education. We want to merge the worlds in which children grow up as much as possible, by creating one place that gives them all they need. In concrete terms, this means that all forms of childcare (daycare, early childhood education groups, pre-school childcare, mid-school childcare and out-of-school childcare) and education are offered under one roof. Within these walls we aim to create a development environment in which every child counts, participates and learns.

The majority of our locations form an integrated childcare centre with a school of the Capelle and Krimpen aan den IJssel Protestant Primary Education Foundation. Together with this foundation, we share the same core values and vision of the ways in which children learn and develop. In addition, Christian values form the foundation and guideline for decisions and working methods in everyday practice.

In addition to childcare, Royal Kids Home also aims to provide additional care within the integrated childcare centres. For example, there is a quality team that not only provides pedagogical coaching, but also additional care for children, parents and schools. This additional care consists of extra guidance for children, including, for example, child coaching or play therapy. In addition, we can provide intelligence testing and offer social skills and resilience training courses. Throughout this process, we cooperate with various care partners, such as education experts and the Centre for Youth and Family.