Trusted Staff

Seeing a familiar face every day is important for children to make them feel safe and at secure. That’s why we assign permanent pedagogical staff to our groups of children.

Our pedagogical staff consists exclusively of professionals. All pedagogical staff who work at Royal Kids Home have at least one relevant diploma in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Childcare. They have broad knowledge in the field of caring for, guiding and stimulating children. They also create a homely, safe and familiar atmosphere for the entire group as well as the individual children.

In addition to permanent staff, we also work with substitute staff. Substitute staff is deployed when a permanent staff member is ill or on holiday. Substitute staff is subject to the same training requirements as permanent staff. Where possible, we try to deploy the same substitute staff at every location. In this way we ensure that the children become familiar with them and and feel as secure and comfortable as permanent staff.

All Royal Kids Home locations are so-called recognised training companies (‘erkend leerbedrijf’). This is why Royal Kids Home employs interns and work-based pathway students. To improve their learning process and have them build a bond with the children, interns and students are always assigned to a single group. We strive for a maximum of one intern per group and a maximum of one work-based pathway student per location. Each intern has a permanent supervisor and is rostered on a supernumerary-employee basis. As their training and learning process progress, work-based pathway students will be given more responsibilities.

All staff and interns are required to be in the possession of a ‘certificate of good behaviour’. They must use this certificate to register in the personal childcare register and be linked to our organisation.