Port of Holland

Together with primary school De Ontmoeting, Royal Kids Daycare forms the International Child Centre Port of Holland in Capelle aan den IJssel at Fascinatio Boulevard. We provide childcare for children aged 0 – 13 years. In collaboration with De Ontmoeting, Royal Kids Daycare wants to work towards becoming a bilingual childcare centre in 2020. The first six months are all about discovery and exploration. The second half of the year will be devoted to execution and evaluation.

The childcare centre ties together the themes, lessons/teaching methods and activities. Moreover, by 2020 our aim is to speak English on an activity basis. Our aim is to offer a single environment that offers a the complete package of education, care and development. We want to create a rich learning- and living environment where both children and parents feel welcome.

2 groups nursery 0 – 4 years

  • The Fire Brigade Ship, daycare for children from 0 – 4 years
  • The Police Boat, daycare for children from 0 – 4 years – not opened yet –

1 preschool playgroup

  • The Lifeboat, for children from 2 – 4 years

1 group out-of-school childcare

Including pre-school childcare

  • The Water Bus, for children from 4 – 13 years

Port of Holland
Fascinatio Boulevard 486
2909VA Capelle aan den IJssel

Team Leader: Malissa Reijm

06 – 50 44 55 01

National Childcare Register:
Nursery:  247740585
Out-of-School: 334764403

Opening Hours
Our regular opening hours are Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM.

GGD Inspection Report
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We believe it is important that each child is given ample opportunity to feel at home with us. This will always be done in consultation with the parents.

We will take all the necessary time for acquaintance and habituation. You can read more information about our settle-down-time procedure in our Pedagogical Policy.


At Royal Kids Home we work with several different themes (for example, autumn or ‘world trip’). These themes are compiled in consultation with the primary school in which the care facility is located. The theme varies per season and gives colour and substance to the activities that are done with the children. By constantly introducing new themes, we can continuously introduce variety, innovation and creativity within the childcare facilities. As a result, the children are constantly offered new material and activities that expand their worlds. Our aim is to stimulate every single development area through activities.