Childcare 0 – 4 years

Royal Kids Home offers various forms of childcare for children aged 0 – 4 years. Our childcare is a safe and stimulating environment in which children are given space to develop at their own pace.

Daycare 0 – 2 years
It is particularly important that the basic needs of infants are met: nutrition, hygiene, rest and attention. That’s why Royal Kids Home has a clear daily schedule for its infant groups, so that all babies get the rest and familiar daily structure they need. Babies are given the space and time to follow their own schedules. Both care and stimulating babies’ development are given equal importance in our infant groups. We always strive for permanent pedagogical staff members as much as possible in each group, which ensures a safe and familiar environment in which the babies can grow and develop.

Daycare 2 – 4 years
Toddlers require a stimulating environment in which they can practice motor skills, are invited to play together and they are given opportunity to develop their language skills. The role of the pedagogical staff is to ensure a safe and familiar environment in which the toddlers are challenged and can have fun. Our toddlers groups follow a fixed daily rhythm with sufficient variation between sitting down, quiet time, activities, and free play. Naturally, toddlers who still take naps are given the opportunity to do so. Toddlers who are close to the age of 4 are also supported to transition into primary education. If primary education is expected to take place within the childcare centre, we will ensure a smooth transfer to the relevant school. 

Preschool playgroup 2.3 – 4 years
In the preschool playgroup we use themes to stimulate the development of children. There are opportunities for children to interact in a group circle (both large and small) and to play freely. A number of preschool groups also offer a so-called early childhood education programme. (‘VVE programma’) This programme is provided to prevent any language and developmental delays in this group. We work closely with the Youth and Family Centre (‘CJG’ in Dutch), which provides further support to the children in the target group. All our spaces are divided into different play corners. Having specific corners invites children to collaborate, but also enables them to choose for themselves and make their own decisions. The toddlers are prepared for the transition to primary education to ensure a consistent learning path.

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