Mid-School Childcare

Royal Kids Home coordinates mid-school childcare (TSO in Dutch) for 3 schools in the region:

  • De Wegwijzer in Krimpen aan den IJssel
  • De Sjalomschool in Capelle aan den IJssel
  • De Ontmoeting in Capelle aan den IJssel.

We offer three options for mid-school childcare:

  1. Fixed membership: fixed days during the week, if your child stays with us on fixed days every week.
  2. Flexible membership for when your child stays with us on irregular days and/or incidentally.
  3. Combination: the fixed membership can be supplemented with a flexible membership. For example, if you have a fixed membership for two days but your child might need to come on another day as well.

For mid-school childcare we charge €2,50 per day in case of a fixed membership and €2,90 per day in case of a flexible membership.

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