Out-of-school Childcare

Royal Kids Home provides children with a safe and relaxing environment after school. Compulsory school activities are left behind in an environment where there is room for relaxation and fun. The time that the children spend with us is considered ‘free time’. So participating in organised activities such as games or crafts is not mandatory, but it’s certainly encouraged. We always take the age of the child into account. We pay particular attention to each child’s personal needs and development.

There is a fixed day programme that starts with a moment of rest to share some fruit eating and having a drink. Each child is given the opportunity to talk about their day. After sitting at the table together, the children can choose from a day activity, free play inside, or outside if the weather allows.

During out-of-school childcare, we always strive for as many permanent pedagogical staff members in the group as possible. Each of these staff members have their own so-called ‘mentor children’. Mentors serve as a fixed and trusted point of contact for both parents and children. In this way we provide a safe and solid foundation. Naturally, children are also welcome during school holidays. On these days there will be special daily programmes.

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